I focus on the unexpected,

because true and candid moments become memorable and alive images.

I photograph weddings from inside the party, not away from it. I am most often invisible, but I will be able to guide you when it is necessary.

I always make sure that the couple feel at ease to let their natural beauty speak for itself, while capturing the moments of complicity that define their relationship.

The Wedding Galleries


Sofia & Ophélie

Perpignan- France

The photos are superb!


Those of the session at the sea are great especially with our daughter ... a chance to have them! It's fantastic to have such beautiful pictures of our little family !!!


Those of the wedding are beautiful and magical .... I do not even know what to say but thank you!


Thanks thanks thanks !!!

Jessica & Caley

Londres - Royaume-Uni


Thanks so much for the amazing photos... its been fun to re-live our love filled day this morning with the rain and wind pounding down outside. Yay for british weather! 


We are so happy with the creative flair, care and attention you have shown, that so clearly shines in all the photos. They truly are more than we imagined and perfectly capture the essence of our wedding day. 

Again, thank you so much for all your hardwork and undeniable talent as a photographer.

Chloé & Thomas

Cahors - France


Such emotion yesterday by reading your email and viewing each of the 591 photos of our gallery!


A big thank you, the photos are simply beautiful and you did a fabulous job, up to our expectations!


We are delighted and again on top.


Thanks to you!


I am part of this new generation, which no longer sees wedding as a social obligation.


On the opposite, getting married is a choice. The choice to formalize a union, the choice to celebrate a love story and, of course, the desire to bring together all your loved ones.


For you, who have chosen to do a wedding party, I will be happy to be the privileged witness of this moment of joy.

Photographer from Perpignan in the south of France.

I travel wherever you need me.



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